Lifetime Warranty


I grant a limited lifetime warranty for each of my instruments – provided that they were handled properly as well as cared for and stored correctly. This warranty includes damages caused by the use of faulty wood or by any errors that occurred during the making of the instrument. 

Please let your instrument be checked and adjusted by a specialist once a year to always guarantee an optimal playability. 

Please thoroughly clean any colophony and dust off your instrument after every time you play it. Please also pay attention to an adequate humidity of at least 40% during storage, even if the instrument is in its case. 

Naturally, I guarantee that the high quality of my instruments is constant. In my workshop, only naturally stored and carefully selected wood is used, which is the most important prerequisite for the making of high-quality violins. I place the highest value on traditional working methods and perfect craftsmanship. The acoustic balance of each instrument is the ultimate goal of my work. Each one is played and checked for quality, dimensional accuracy and freedom from error many times before it leaves my workshop.