Up to this point, I have written a lot about the making of my instruments, my independent approach, my work with acoustics and about my opinions.

All theoretical! In practice, it is all about reliable results. This is the biggest challenge if you not only want to make string instruments but also sell them. In our line of business, there is no tonal standard and only little objective criteria that could help a violin maker to constantly do a good job regarding the acoustic performance of their instruments. Even if you have found the model and appearance that works best for you, when it comes to the sound, all of us (I don’t just mean my colleagues but myself as well!) are more or less subject to a couple of unpredictable factors. 

For someone looking to buy an instrument there is only one way to find good sound anyways, which is trying out and comparing and then trying out and comparing some more – and all of that as free of any external influences as possible. 

After many years of experience with physics and its measurement methods I have reached a point where I feel capable of reliably assessing the quality of my instruments and also guaranteeing it to my customers. Of course, all of my instruments are played and judged by multiple musicians independently of one another; simply to ensure the quality with certainty and to avoid any mistakes. This is also the reason why I divide the acoustic quality of my instruments into only three categories. I am only able to reach the soloistic quality of a S-Class instrument extremely rarely; sometimes not at all for a whole year. But with an E-Class you also have a very good instrument in your hands and can score points with every orchestra! The acoustic quality of a C-Class instrument to me is the minimum requirement and offers a well-balanced and powerful sound, too.

Just try it out for yourself! I would like to cordially invite you to pay a visit to my workshop (only by appointment please) or to one of the shops which have my instruments in stock in case the journey to my workshop is too long for you. I am happy to give you the corresponding addresses upon request.