The Bernd Dimbath Workshop in Bavaria

My workshop is located in the heart of Bubenreuth, it is the centre of our daily work.

The main rooms are under one roof with plenty of sunlight all day long. Communication is free and easy – it is the perfect place to exchange ideas. Each member of our team has many years of training and experience. They are all dedicated to the making of fine violins, violas and cellos. Over the years, our team has developed an outstanding ability to combine their creativity, their sense for materials as well as their highly developed skills.

The resulting synergy can be seen and heard when our instruments are played by accomplished musicians from all over the world.

Our family of friends are constantly growing and we are proud to support every musician who loves one of our instruments.

The wood for my instruments comes, of course, only from European sources. The spruce is carefully selected from the Austrian Alps, the maple comes form Bosnia and the Carpathian mountains. I do not use any foreign parts or influence of any kind in the making of my instruments.