Acoustical Engineering

Beginning in 2005, I have cooperated very closely with two Dutch scientists in the field of scientific acoustical research. Together we have developed a system that measures and controls every step in the making process of an instrument. From the selection of the wood, through to every single step in the workshop and until the final adjustments in the set up have been performed, we analyze every little detail and balance every part under these highly developed and controlled acoustical aspects. The result has been amazingly successful! The combination of comprehensive work in the field of acoustics fused with our 300-year-old tradition in craftsmanship lead to a very strong performance of my instruments.

I provide exciting choices for every musician! Instruments are being built in three different qualities that will accommodate the broadest palette of sound character preference:

S-Class: High End acoustical performance with great projection and volume. These instruments need a strong soloist´s hand to perform to the very peak! Great value for your investment and lots of potential to develop! Violin $15,750. Cello $28,000.

E-Class: The Professional´s Choice! Instruments with great tone, warm and rich in every detail! The perfect instrument for orchestral players and connoisseurs. A very balanced acoustical performance combined with easy playability! Violin $13,125. Cello $24,000.

C-Class: These instruments are made for chamber music performers and advanced students. A rich mature tone combined with very quick response are the main characteristics of these beautiful instruments. Very versatile and reliable in performance, C-Class instruments are a real joy for the ear whether performance or audience member. Violin $10,375. Cello $19,000.